Gambling in literature: a book review

The atmosphere of gambling houses often becomes part of cinema. But books are a more energy-consuming form of leisure than watching films. So if you have a desire to not only watch, but also read about casinos and gambling, here is a selection of books on the subject.

Gambling has accompanied humans for centuries, references to it can be found in historical documents, but perhaps the most valuable references are those woven into our cultural heritage. Thanks to cinema, even people far from wishing to visit casinos know what roulette looks like, how impeccably trained dealers behave, and that gambling houses have their own rules and specific body language.

This is a major contribution to modern culture and is particularly valuable in developing a healthy attitude towards gambling.

When it comes to books that have gambling as their central theme, poker self-tutorials are usually the first to come to mind. Indeed, the world’s most popular game of chance has received the most attention from a literary point of view. However, casinos and gambling have been the subject of far more serious works, including works of fiction. Read more about this below.

The 1000 Best Secrets of Casino Gambling

The author of the work is Bill Barton. The latter has divided the narrative into 16 chapters, which scattered 1,000 tips in one way or another related to gambling or casinos. Even a cursory glance at the table of contents would give the impression that the author knows everything about the world of gambling, starting with strategies for playing poker, blackjack or roulette and finishing with the behaviour of land-based gambling establishment owners, managers and marketers. The logical question arises as to where the writer got such disparate knowledge of gambling. The answer is very simple: – Bill Barton is an American journalist who has been writing for many years for various gambling publications. These include Midwest Gaming and Travel, Blackjack Insider and Video Poker Player.

If assessing the author’s work, it’s worth noting that a lot of the advice to experienced players may seem rather obvious, although don’t take away the laurels for the fact that the book is one of the most comprehensive “tips” publications that can help newcomers adapt to casinos.

The Gambler

Anyone who is even slightly familiar with the works of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky knows that the writer was a terribly gambling man. His passion for roulette and casinos often left him with completely empty pockets. In 1863 the writer went on holiday to Wiesbaden, in one of whose gambling houses he lost not only his own money but that of his girlfriend as well. In order to pay off his debts as well as to improve his financial situation he signed a contract with a publishing house, the essence of which was that Dostoevsky had to write a new novel in record time, otherwise the publishing house would have the right to get the rights to the author’s works.

In writing the novel the author used his own impressions from visiting Bad Homburg, where in the gambling houses he had lost every last penny more than once.

The novel is believed to have been written in St Petersburg, in Stolyarny lane.

Because of the tight deadline for writing the work, Dostoevsky did not write the novel himself for the first time, but used the services of a stenographer, Anna Snitkina. Having mastered dictation, Fyodor Mikhailovich not only succeeded in his task but also charmed the stenographer, who later became his wife. It was she who persuaded Dostoevsky to stop acting. It is known that the last 10 years of the author’s life were spent away from casino premises and without gambling.

The author poured out his feelings about the roulette wheel in a novel, the subject of which is addiction to gambling. The protagonist is a man for whom gambling has become the meaning of life, some even note the character’s addiction as an existential essence of being.

The film is set in a German resort town with the ironic name of Ruehlenburg. The novel is not only about the experiences of Alexei Ivanovich, a gambler, but also about his unrequited love, which in the end turns out to be a very real counter-feeling.

The Queen of Spades

The subject of gambling has not escaped the genius of Russian literature – Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. His story “The Queen of Spades” is also about how a combination of playing cards and the vicissitudes of Fortune can sometimes influence a person and his actions.

The German Hermann, the protagonist, works as a military engineer and leads a modest life, but does not hold a card until he learns the amusing story of a friend’s scheming grandmother, who happens to know the secret of the three winning cards.

However, the failed attack, which has become too out of hand for the “burglar”, Hermann, and which strikingly resembles the circumstances of the old money-lender’s death from “Crime and Punishment”, does not bring clarity to the issue of the winning combination of cards.

The plot of “The Queen of Spades” was suggested to Alexander Sergeevich by Prince Golitsyn.

But later the Countess, who died during the attack, visits Hermann in the guise of a ghost and informs him that the winning combination is a three, a seven and an ace. To find out whether the Countess’ prediction was successful and how the main character’s story ends, I refer you to the source.

The Tavern of Three Monkeys

The author of this work, Huang Bas, is a screenwriter by profession. This up-to-date work was published in 2000 and is the author’s second major work.

The book consists of 14 novellas that are strikingly different from each other in terms of genre. The only thing that unites the stories is His Majesty Poker. The author has tried to stress that the rules of poker are very much in tune with life itself and its laws, especially at the moment when one is trying to bluff.

What makes the book special is that it is loved even by readers who have never played poker before. Some, in truth, have noted that the author has failed to keep the necessary grit in all 14 novellas at the same level.

Best casino books

If you conduct a poll, it becomes immediately clear that 1 in 2 people wouldn’t mind winning a round sum at a casino. Naturally, according to the observation of experts, a lot depends on luck, but there are moments of analysis and anticipation of the results. In this article, we’ve compiled the top 5 casino books that, once read, will help you improve your chances of winning the coveted jackpot. The experience of players collected in this literature will surely be useful not only for beginners, but also for avid gamblers. Many of the techniques described in the books are still in use, particularly how to keep your emotions in check and win a big bet without losing a fortune.

First place is taken by the book already mentioned above – “1000 Secrets of Casino” by Bill Burton

Before you visit a casino, read this book. It will help you not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practice at home. In this book you’ll learn what the highest stakes are, the strategies and extras casinos have to offer. Here the expert will share his experience and tell you which games to avoid in general, how to find the right slot, and how to properly invest your money to stay in the black. He will also help you understand when a player should go home. A fascinating book that is highly rated by readers around the world.

“The Big Game” by Molly Bloom

This is a fascinating story from the life of a girl called Molly. After she gets injured skiing she has to completely change her line of work. The girl moves to Los Angeles and starts an underground gambling business. In this book you will learn about all the nuances of casino work, what remains behind closed doors. It is this literature that will help you shake things up and refresh your head. You can buy and download a book about casinos on the Internet. Real life stories help you better understand the psychology of gamblers, as well as get answers to many questions.

“How to Play Casino for ‘Dummies'” by Kevin Blackwood

This book will be useful for those who are just starting their gambling journey. Here you will learn the basic nuances. Literally, it’s a beginner’s guide. You will be able to understand the basic terms, game rules, and basic strategies of experienced players. Dive into the game world and be like a fish in water in it.

“Blackjack. Professional Game Scheme” by Oleg Granovsky

This is a great read, both for beginners and experienced players. If you are a fan of Blackjack, you should definitely read it. Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the world. Players choose it, both in real and online casinos. The author of the book is a professional gambler and our countryman. He started his interest in gambling at a young age. Thanks to his mathematical way of thinking, Oleg managed to succeed in this direction. You’ll agree that it’s always great to gain knowledge from a professional.

“How to Succeed in No Limit Hold’em by Jonathan Little

The author of the book is a professional poker player. He was able to win one of the world’s tournaments. Thanks to his skills, he was able to win more than $5.5 million. The author has many strategies of his own and shares them with readers. The book is quite entertaining and has a lot of practical assignments. Many of the author’s fans have slammed his work as a real textbook. After all, it’s so great when a champion shares his knowledge and skills.

A few more books about casinos are also worth checking out. Below are 4 good books for gamblers:

  • “Gambling-102: The Best Strategies for Any Gambling” is a book about different disciplines written by experienced gambler Michael Shackelford. He is a recognised analyst and expert in the casino industry. Michael teaches probability theory in gambling at the University of Nevada. In the book you will find popular strategies, approaches and methods. Of particular relevance is the section on slots. The author presents in a clear and accessible format, and reveals much useful data to readers.
  • “The Gambling Winner’s Self-Tutorial” is a book by Edwin Silberstang, whose main goal is to teach players how to minimize the benefits of gambling clubs and increase the RTP of games. Here you will find comprehensive information on roulette, blackjack, slots, craps and other disciplines. A lot of attention in the book is paid to bankroll management. The author shows the invalidity of many myths. The book is suitable for beginners and experienced gamblers.
  • “Gambling Theory and Other Issues” by Mason Malmuth examines the problem of success in gambling. The expert shows the reasons that lead to the downfall of many gamblers. Here you’ll find tools for shaping the psychology of real professionals. There is also a section on poker.
  • “How to Become a Professional Complete Guide for Dummies” is a handbook written by several authors. The book classifies different approaches to the game, breaks down the odds and strategies for winning. An undoubted advantage is the simplicity of presentation and interpretation of the facts. Many pages are devoted to the peculiarities of online casinos.

Reading books about casinos, you can learn all the nuances, determine your own strategy, understand the basic terminology. We have selected for your top 5 most popular books, which have not only theoretical but also practical part.